The Southeastern States

The Southeastern Region includes Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

The Southeastern Region includes Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Current Goals in the Region

The Southeastern Regional Baha'i Council

Southeastern Regional Training Institute

“What the friends throughout the world are now being asked to do is to commit themselves, their material resources, their abilities and their time to the development of a network of training institutes on a scale never before attempted. These centres of Bahá’í learning will have as their goal one very practical outcome, namely, the raising up of large numbers of believers who are trained to foster and facilitate the process of entry by troops with efficiency and love.”
–Universal House of Justice, Ridván 1996

“Central to the pattern of action evolving in a cluster is the individual and collective transformation effected through the agency of the Word of God. From the beginning of the sequence of courses, a participant encounters Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation in considering such weighty themes as worship, service to humanity, the life of the soul, and the education of children and youth…What is clear, then, is that as the institute process in a cluster gains momentum, the act of teaching comes to assume greater prominence in the lives of the friends.”      December 29, 2015 Universal House of Justice

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