The Bahá’í Fund

"There is a profound aspect to the relationship between a believer and the Fund, which holds true irrespective of his or her economic condition. When a human soul accepts Bahá’u’lláh as the Manifestation of God for this age and enters into the divine Covenant, that soul should progressively bring his or her whole life into harmony with the divine purpose—he becomes a co-worker in the Cause of God and receives the bounty of being permitted to devote his material possessions, no matter how meager, to the work of the Faith.

"Giving to the Fund, therefore, is a spiritual privilege not open to those who have not accepted Bahá’u’lláh, of which no believer should deny himself. It is both a responsibility and a source of bounty. This is an aspect of the Cause which, we feel, is an essential part of the basic teaching and deepening of new believers. The importance of contributing resides in the degree of sacrifice of the giver, the spirit of devotion with which the contribution is made and the unity of the friends in this service; these attract the confirmations of God and enhance the dignity and self-respect of the individuals and the community."  ~Universal House of Justice to National Spiritual Assemblies, August 1985

Material support will be required to support the pattern of growth unfolding in clusters. These will include funds, vehicles, housing, and other logistical support.

Contributions to the Southeast Regional Baha’i Council can be earmarked in support of the Council's work and should be sent directly to the National Baha’i Fund, 1233 Central St. Evanston, IL 60201. A preferred alternative is to earmark contributions directly through the Online Contribution System (OCS) through the National Center website at The support of individuals and LSAs in the region are essential to the growth of this branch of the National Fund. The Council Treasurer is available to consult with individuals, communities, and institutions about support and the needs of the funds of the Faith.