Offering Service

We are walking together along a path of service to mankind. We welcome you to offer a period of intense effort in service to all those welcome to walk this path.

“Before you, beloved friends, lies stretched out the blank scroll of the future on which you and your spiritual descendants will inscribe fresh and lasting deeds of renunciation and heroism for the betterment of the world…”

~The Universal House of Justice, 26 March 2016

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Louis Gregory Baha'i Institute in Hemingway, South carolina

South Carolina Enterprise:

The Universal House of Justice has asked our region to make an effort “to reinvigorate activities in the Pee Dee cluster and other clusters near the Louis G. Gregory Bahá’í Institute facility” and call upon “capable young homefront pioneers, especially African American believers who are actively engaged in the Plan, to settle in receptive neighborhoods.”

Please click here to submit your information if you are interested in serving this special initiative.