Children’s Classes

“Among the range of questions now before every training institute one stands out as particularly pressing: how to mobilize sufficient numbers of children’s class teachers for successive grades and, by extension, tutors who can form groups to study the requisite courses.  The units that comprise the three books currently available contain both materials for study by teachers and lessons for children, allowing institutes to establish without delay the first three grades of a six-year programme.
A children’s class in South Tarawa, Kiribati. © 2021 Bahá’í International Community
“Besides the systematic training of teachers for successive grades, institutes will need to learn about the formation of classes for distinct age groups in villages and neighbourhoods; the provision of teachers for various classes; the retention of students year after year, grade after grade; and the continued progress of children from a wide variety of households and backgrounds–in short, the establishment of an expanding, sustainable system for child education that will keep pace with both the growing concern among parents for their youngsters to develop sound moral structures and the rise in human resources in the community. ~Universal House of Justice, Dec 12, 2011

If you would like learn more about starting a children’s class in your area and/or serving as a children’s class teacher, please contact:

A children’s class in Austin, United States. © 2021 Bahá’í International Community

Any child participating in a children's class should have their parents complete the Permission Form prepared by the Office of Assembly Development: