Data Collection

“Institutions at the national and regional levels play a vital role in assisting agencies at the cluster level to be systematic in their approach to advancing the growth of the Faith. fundamental element of such an approach is developing the capacity to collect statistical data and utilize this information to expand the vision of what can be achieved in the cluster and make decisions that will facilitate its development.”

Department of Statistics, Baha’i World Centre, February 2016

“In general, the statistical information collected at the level of the cluster is primarily intended to facilitate local analysis and planning. Therefore, it is important for the friends and especially the agencies guiding the efforts at the cluster level to strive to understand the nature of the work called for by the House of Justice in the Five Year Plan and how the gathering of statistical information will inform reflection on action and assist in revising and improving approaches in cycle after cycle.  With learning at its heart, a strong pattern of community building can then emerge…”

–Universal House of Justice, January 11, 2016