Cluster Groupings & Maps

“In some regions that stretch across a large territory, Councils have made arrangements for nurturing the development of groups of adjoining clusters.”
“We anticipate that progress will be more swiftly achieved in regions where one or more intensive programmes of growth have been sustained for some time, as these offer a valuable source of knowledge and experience and represent a reservoir of human resources as efforts are made to strengthen surrounding areas.”

-December 29, 2015 from the Universal House of Justice

The Southeast region has identified nine groups of adjoining clusters, one in Mississippi, one in Alabama, three in Florida, two in Georgia and two in South Carolina. On the average there are nine clusters in each grouping. The grouping maps for the Southeast region are shown below. The color coding is as follows: yellow corresponds to clusters that have passed the first milestone (programs of growth) while blue corresponds to clusters that have passed the second milestone (intensive programs of growth) in a process of sustainable growth. Some of the more advanced clusters will serve as reservoirs of human resources, knowledge and experience as efforts are made to strengthen the entire group of adjoining clusters.  The groupings that have been established are displayed in the maps below: